Embark on a diverse and unique culinary journey at TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach, indulging in our Set Menu that offers a blend of elegant and refined Western flavors:

Vietnamese Cuisine: Indulge in a culinary journey through the three regions of Vietnam, where tradition meets modernity in our Vietnamese Set Menu, promising a memorable experience. Our specialty platter features robust and flavorful dishes, including hearty seafood spring rolls, golden and luscious shrimp and pork pancakes, meticulously crafted fresh shrimp and pork spring rolls, or the tantalizing Hoi An-style grilled skewered meat. Complement your meal with a portion of My Quang from the Quang Nam – Da Nang region and a sweet and fragrant lotus seed tea to fully appreciate the essence of Vietnamese cuisine.

Festive Season: The Western Set Menu is tailored for diners who appreciate the elegance and natural flavors of Western delicacies. Begin your meal with a delicious Cobb salad featuring grilled chicken or avocado and shrimp in a fiber-rich vinaigrette to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy a light appetizer with a warm and aromatic soup before savoring the exquisite duck with orange saurce or pan-seared salmon, paired with grilled vegetables, expertly prepared by our professional chefs. Conclude your dining experience on a sweet note with crème brûlée or a delectable cheesecake.

Location: Magic Lounge – 25th floor TMS Hotel Da Nang Beach

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Phone: +84 236 3755 999


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